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Grid-Tape save 90% assembling time

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Grid-Tape has been developed in cooperation with European die makers in order to eliminate the use of time consuming self-adhesive ribbons on lower blanking tools. Grid-Tape realises significant time savings (up to 90%!). Grid-Tape is very easy to apply without the need of any calliper or ruler.

Before Grid-tape was introduced, die makers used costly plastic tape. The tape and steel shims had to be cut exactly between 62 and 55 mm. (2,44 and 2,16 inch).  Next one had to tape the steel shim in between the plastic tape and over the grid material. This was very hard to do because of the high levels of precision that are needed in this process.

Save precious time with Grid-Tape!

1.         Time savings up to 90% as a result of fast application that allows for very accurate positioning within 5 seconds.

2.         Grid-Tape forms one undivided whole. No need for separate - expensive - plastic tape and shim band.

3.         Stable conduction during separation / blanking as a result of  high grade plastic inside the conductor.

4.         Protective sheet is 1 mm bigger than Grid-Tape on all sides, making it easy to remove.

5.         Very hard wearing material, almost impossible to tear.

6.         Powerful adhesive, especially designed for bonding on greasy steel and plastic.

7.         Register lines for quick and accurate aligning.

8.         Register lines aligns the Grid-Tape straight.

 9.        Cutting register ensures quick and accurate cutting of the Grid-Tape.

10.       Grid-Tape contains no metals (not allowed in dies for food industry)

11.       Compatible with BSI Blanking Systems, Angle lock and Quickset system.

12.       Suitable for al metal grid profiles from 16 x 2 mm. tot 25 x 6 mm. (0.98 x 7.24 inch)

A box of Grid-Tape contains 200 tapes, ready to save time!

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Blanking Systems Inc. Phone: 1-262-377-3591 Russ Kempka, Technical Specialist
440 9th Avenue Fax: 1-262-377-2005
Grafton WI 53024, USA

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Appel Group Tel: +49-7021-978 424 Francisco Appel, Technical Specialist
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