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BSI Software, BSI Grid bender, BSI Workstation.

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BSI offers a complete line of blanking tool assembly accessories engineered and built to simplify and assist with blanking tool fabrication. Each of these items is designed to help improve the finished product while reducing the time it takes to construct a tool. As a result, the tool building process is better controlled and tool costs are reduced.

Examples of these accessories include the BSI Tool Designer software program, which has only one purpose: designing upper and lower blanking tools. This program is widely recognized in the industry as the most comprehensive, flexible and easy to use CAD program available for designing blanking tools. With it, you get a design tool that is highly focused, highly efficient, and highly effective. Once mastered, program users can design blanking tools in a matter of minutes, and obtain directly from the program a tool’s bill of material, parts cost, detailed tool assembly instructions, and programs for your CNC router, laser, and BSI Grid Bender.

Also included is the BSI Workstation, which enables a blanking tool builder to assemble a tool in a work environment that helps maximize tool quality, consistency of assembly, and productive time by minimizing strain and fatigue that accumulates across a day of tool building.

Finally, the exclusive BSI Grid Bender is a particularly powerful accessory that enables steel grid bars – or BSI’s aluminum support rails -- to be cut and bent consistently to a much higher standard in a fraction of the time when compared with conventional bending methods. The Grid Bender is particularly attractive in single knife applications where large tools, complex layouts, intricate bends and joints, or any combination of these factors is present.

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