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Vossen Profitec

Clip Rubber systeem

Article number Dccrg
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Clip Rubber System
A new member in the innovative Vossen Profitec ® group of products
Assures top production speeds, combined with a high quality die cutting result.

The System consists of a Clip Rail and a Clip Rubber
The Proper ties are as follows:
-Clip Rubber can be removed and replaced quickly without any tooling or re-gluing.
-This makes Nicking without damaging the Clip Rubber effor tless.
-Assures an optimal Nick for the highest production speeds.
-In case of using Creasing Matr ix the r ubber can be easily removed and replaced for applying the Channels Locator.
-Reduces Machine Stops

Dcr k7-09 Clipr ubber voor car ton 8,0 7,3 100 meter 70 Shore
Dccr g CleanCut Clipr ubber voor Golf 5,0 7,3 100 meter 70 Shore
Dcr k Clip Rail Car ton 11,0 110 meter
Dcr gk Clip Rail Golf 14,0 110 meter

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