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Essmann & Schäfer Creasing rules

Article number ES Ril
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Creasing Rules

Our creasing rule excels due to its precise radius and the exact shape of the creasing edge. The changeover from the creasing angle to the body shows no burr. We produce all required creasing rule types, as well as special dimensions.

Facet Creasing Rules

For finer creasing with a standard body. Especially for decorative and high-value packaging as well as for cut/crease plates (Drilled counter plates).

Double Creasing Rules

Provides two creases side by side, which allow a better flow of the material during the creasing process. Especially recommended for multicomponent materials.

Laser Crease Rules

One-piece creasing rule, produced with highest precision, available in all possible thickness configurations. The wider creasing top allows creasing widths up to 8 pt (2.84 mm), whereas the body fits into a standard laser slot. All types are suitable for automatic rule processors.
Could be produced as well as Trufold or P-Crease Rule.
Available in all dimensions and types.

P-Crease Rules

This special geometry provides enough space for the corrugated boardto expand. This way the creasing can take better shape without bursting the liner. Also available as Laser Crease.


Half Crease Rules

To produce wider creasing channels in boxes. The mirrored assembly of 2 half crease or laser crease rules can double the width of the laser head, i.e. 12 pt (4 mm) or 16 pt (5,68 mm).

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