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Essmann & Schäfer Creasing rules

Article number ES Ril - rot
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Creasing Rules

Our creasing rules excel due to their precise radius and the exact shape of the creasing edge. The changeover from the creasing angle to the body shows no burr. We produce all required creasing rule types and dimensions.

Laser Crease Rules

Combines wide creases with any body thickness applied for laser-cut dieboard. We produce all variations. For reliable creasing results with and against the flute of the corrugated board. Available as well in Trufold, Double Crease or P-Crease models.

P-Crease Rules

This special perforated geometry provides more space for the corrugated board to expand. As result the creasing edge of the corrugated board does not burst the liner.
Also available as Laser Crease.

Waved Creasing Rules

This rule has been developed as an alternative to the Laser Crease Rule, offering more space for the corrugated board to expand. The body is straight and applicable for lasered dieboards whereas only the creasing edge is waved.

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