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Aftermarket Quickset systems for flatbed die cutters

Article number SADP1XXX
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Modification and Refurbishing
“Time is money” has become the basic principle in the last couple of years. We at Dycartec try to help you save money by
Reducing set up times for your die cutter.
As a matter of fact we help you saving money, too, as you would invest in your existing equipment instead of buying new
one at way higher cost. The quick lock system allows you to Reduce your set up times. How?
Accurate mounting of the die with the certitude of being always at the same spot Reduces your set up time. You work on
different machines in more than one shift with more than one operator? Then the quick lock system is a must. You maintain
the quality of the die as well as of the chase plate as the power needed for fixing as well as the forces working on the different
parts is always the same.
For even more convenience and safety the operator can do all the necessary work from above, no need to screw and
unscrew the die from the lower side of the chase. How do we change your chases? Before we start to equip your chases
with the quick-lock system we service your chases and refurbish them to the standard of day one. After this we can start
with the transformation of the chase. Two or three (depending on machine size) clamping devices and 4 calibration stops
are mounted. Our tight tolerances guarantee our customers a high quality product.
What type of chase can be equipped with the quick-lock system? Nearly all chases can be switched on quick lock as long
the thickness of the chase bars allows us to assemble the system. Please do not hesitate to contact for details.

Make-ready protection plates
Made for the application in die cutters with a high working rate. Made of
Glass fibers reinforced polymer material, our make ready protection plates are
Made for all common machine manufacturers and die chases.
If you need to install a zone make ready in between two make ready protection
Plates of 0,5 mm thickness that need to be glued we can help you with a special
Glue for that purpose, too. Dimensionally stable. Excellent retention of mechanical
Strength. Resistant to humidity.

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