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Essmann & Schäfer Cutting Rules - Rotary

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Essmann & Schäfer snij en rillijnen worden in eigen productie gefabriceerd. Tooling en machines om tot deze hoogwaardige lijnproducten te komen worden in eigen huis ontwikkeld en gefabriceerd

Serrated Rules

Basic rule for all rotary die cutting applications. Available in 8; 10; 12; 16 and 20 tpi in side and centre serration

Rotary Cutting Rules

Due to its very sharp bevel, this solid rule penetrates material easily, and is especially recommended for thicker corrugated board grades.


Multicut Rules

To round up Rotary Cutting Rules, this product enables alternative applications. It is equipped with lateral ground teeth and centred bevel. The diecutting result is a slight wave and it can be used as a Safety Edge Rule, in order to avoid cuts in the fingers.

Kleancut Rules

Rule developed to minimize liner burst on corrugated board. At the same time the particular tooth shape provides excellent stripping results. Standard: side serration.

Pointed Cut Rules

This very aggressive edge hardened bevel shape penetrates corrugated boards easily. The comparatively long bevel with round gullet in the tooth and maximum sharpness requires slightly higher rule height than usual. It is recommended to set this rule with caution so as not to damage the teeth.

Waved Cutting Rules

All standard wavings can be produced from the different rotary rules available. An unwritten rule: the finer the waves the finer the teeth. As long as there are no different indications, production will be made from Serrated Rules.


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