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Essmann + Schaefer rules

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Cutting Rules

User-friendly rules suitable for short runs and standard requirements. Identical hardness of the body and the bevel. The smooth surface decarburisation process assures excellent bending results. The body is produced shaved or ground on customer's request.

TopDurFlex Rules

Shaved rule with exact height tolerance, body characteristics as above, additionally edge hardened. Innovative hardness technology assures long life time of the bevel cutting edge. Excellent bending characteri-stics are assured.

TopDurFlex -S-

Edge hardened, smooth-ground rule. The sharp ground cutting edge requires less diecutting pressure. Innovative hardness technology assures long life time of bevel cutting edge. Excellent bending characteristics are assured.

TopDurFlex special 60W

Edge hardened, micro-ground rule with the exact height tolerance of a shaved rule. The maximum sharpness and the micro-ground structure minimise dust and fluff. Recommended for difficult and tough materials, i.e. coated materials and foils.

TIN-TopDurFlex Special 60W

TIN-coated, edge hardened, micro-ground rule with the exact height tolerance of a shaved rule. The TIN-coating reduces edge friction and is most suitable for long runs, i.e. in fast food, pharmaceutical and tobacco packages.

TopDurFlex Special 60W Brilliant

A special tip-hardening process in combination with the slim bevel and the approved micro-ground finish increase the life-time and achieve excellent cutting results. Therefore this rule is most suitable for tough materials of thin or medium thickness as well as for coated boards, foils, synthetic materials or plastics.

TopDurFlex Special 60W EQ

The solution for diecutting with increased cutting pressure and reduced make-ready time. The well-defined tip with its flat bevel (max. 0,02mm) provides the necessary stability.

TopDurFlex Bestline

The improvement of the TopDurFlex ES-Profile steel rule. Due to its conical cutting bevel shape, the rule cuts easily into very hard material, supported by its oscillating off-rolling cutting point.

TopDurFlex DX

A little pre-bevel absorbs the increased diecutting pressure and prolongs the life-time of the rule.

TopDurFlex ES-Profile

This unique bevel profile developed by Essmann + Schaefer allows diecutting with increased pressure and shortened make-ready time.

Wavy Edge Rules

A straight body with a wavy edge, producing waved profiles on the box. These rules can be produced from any type of steel rules. Our delivery range also contains flat waves, such as saw-waving, safety-edge protections and wave geometries suitable for automatic rule processores. We produce these rules as well waved through the whole body.

Crease Scoring Rules

This rule simultaneously provides controlled creasing and defined scoring of the diecutting material. The small scoring bevel placed on top of the creasing geometry is additionally edge-hardened.

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